Generate Charts from Data Tables with table2chart MooTools Plugin

Sep 7, 2010

Want to generates charts from accessible data tables? If you prefer MooTools, you can try table2chart MooTools plugin. With table2chart you can generate beautiful pie charts from valid data tables. Using table2chart is easy. Simply include the JavaScript files (mootools.js and table2chart.js) in the head of your HTML document and add script to the end of your body tag. The table2chart MooTools Plugin will automatically convert all the table with a class called ‘toChart’. You can also customize your chart by adding size and color within the attribute class of the table.

table2chart MooTools plugin

Customization options:

  • triggerClass – (String) specifies the name of class to know which table is converted to chart.
  • chartClass – (string) specifies the name of class for Element chart.
  • styleChart – (string) external .css file that defines how charts are to be displayed.
  • hiddenClass – (string) specifies the name of class for converted table.
  • chartColor – (hexdata) a hex value without ‘#’.
  • chartSize – (IntegerxInteger) defines size chart (width X height).

table2chart MooTools Plugin Download Link:

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