Funky Effects : iPhone Application to Create Your Favorite Atmosphere

Dec 1, 2009

POOL Inc. has released the "Funky Effects" iPhone application that contains recordings of special effects and comments that dramatically spice up scenes in everyday life, while letting users add their own special effects and messages. With one press of the iPhone to play back the sound effect that fits the scene, it is aimed to liven up the atmosphere with an exciting sound or turn it down with a depressing sound by using this new type of entertaining communication tool.

Funky Effects iPhone The "Funky Effects" iPhone application is based on the concept of "using the iPhone platform to provide enjoyment and fun for many people." The illustrations are by the popular illustrator with a unique touch as seen in "Smart Moteryman Kouza."

As indicated by the key phrase "Showtime in an instant with a single push!" the iPhone application has functions including:

  1. Quiz Show Mode that creates quiz show sound effects (the sound made each time when a question is given and a correct or incorrect answer is given, or when the sound of the audience is needed, etc.).
  2. Pay Attention Mode with one-liners such as "Nandeyanen?" (Why on earth?) and "Donaiyanen?" (How on earth?) used by the straight man in Japanese comic duos.
  3. My Memory Mode that can be used as a sampling machine for recording and inputting the user’s favorite sounds and lines.

As the recorded sound can be exchanged with other iPhones via Bluetooth, users can record their bosses’ mannerisms, short performances by colleagues, grumbles given by spouses and cute comments made by children to share with their friends. The icons and photos can also be freely configured.

The "Funky Effects" iPhone application, put on sale from November 30, is available on the App Store for US$2.99/1.45 euros. To commemorate the application’s release, it will be available at the special price of US$0.99/0.48 euro until December 31. It also has a useful function for immediately displaying the login screen when notifying friends by Twitter.

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