Friend suggestions feature in orkut

Sep 9, 2009

Google has added a new “friend suggestions” feature to orkut, that automatically create a list of people on orkut, who you might know, and display it right below your birthday reminders. Originally developed for new orkut users, the friend suggestions feature is expected to help all orkut users in expanding their friend circle and connections.

orkut Friend Suggestions

The orkut friend suggestions feature is powered by a special algorithm and the suggested results are really impressive! Not only does the friend suggestions feature make it easier to find new friends, it also lets you add them to your friends list and send them a short message without leaving your page.

Want to add someone as friend? Just click the “add as friend” link below your friend’s photo, customize the message you want to send (or use the default message), and click “send invite.” That’s it! Everything is done without sending you to a different page.

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