Fresh Facebook Phishing Attack!

May 15, 2009

Facebook users beware. The popular social networking site is once again the target of phishing scams that steals login and password information from users by using fake Facebook pages. Stay away from any suspicious links or links that requires additional login. It might be a trap for you!

Facebook Social Networking

According to news reports, the e-mail phishing scam uses compromised Facebook accounts to send e-mails to other members and points them to click on links to fake Facebook sites. The fake sites asks users to disclose their passwords and login information. In this way hackers gathers passwords of Facebook users and continues the process to collect sensitive information from more users.

The phishing attack was first discovered on early Thursday. According to news agency Reuters, the fake domains that hackers use to collect login and password information include, and Responding to the threat Facebook has deleted all references to all those domains. Still, users are warned not to click on links posted by other user accounts. And if you do click such links and the target page asks you to enter your username and password, simply avoid it.

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