Make Custom Ringtone from Your Favorite Song

Feb 6, 2012

Do you want custom ringtones for your mobile phone? If yes, why not create one with your favorite song? You can easily make your own ringtone by using a ringtone maker application. Yes, all mobile phones nowadays comes with preloaded ringtones. But are they really good enough to keep you glued to them? I don’t think so. Moreover, listening to the same tone sometime gets boring. That’s why majority of mobile users keep changing their ringtones. Why use same, old and common tones, when you can use as many as you want?

Free Ringtone maker

Using your favorite songs as mobile ringtone is easy! All you need to do is copy those MP3 songs to your phone and set them as ringtones. But using a full song as your ringtone is not a good idea. Why? Because songs are normally longer than 1 minute and  ringtones are played (when a call arrives) for a shorter duration, say max. 40 seconds. So, when a full (4-5 minutes long) song is used as ringtone, chances are more that you’ll never hear the best part in your favorite song. Got my point?

So, if you really want to use a MP3 song as your ringtone, why not use the most favorite part? In my opinion it is the best way to use custom tones on your phone. And to create a tone with the favorite part in a song, you need a ringtone maker application. There are plenty of them. Some of them are web-based, while others are standalone applications. A good web-based ringtone maker is Mobile17, which provides all the necessary tools for creation of custom ringtones up to 40-seconds long. They supports a wide range of audio file formats and can create tones for all types of cell phone. They can send your tone to any network in the US and also to some worldwide networks! All you need to do is pick your song and spare a few seconds to upload and create your own ringtone. And the best of all, Mobile17 is a free ringtone maker application. You don’t have to spend a dime for your creation!

The process of creating your own ringtone with Mobile17 is easy. First you need to upload your favorite song to their system. Just like you attach any file with email, upload your song from your computer. Once uploaded, your file will be automatically converted to a standard format. Then you’ll get to edit your song. You can choose the best part of your song with great precision up to 1/10th of a second. You can preview the selected portion and make necessary changes, if needed. After you are satisfied with your custom creation, configure your mobile phone type and get your ringtone. They can send the custom tone to your phone or host it on their site for WAP download.

The Mobile17 is in this field since 2005. Every day, thousands of users access this awesome service for creating their own mobile phone ringtone. Why don’t you try it today? Free Mobile17 ringtone maker apps are now available for iPhone, Android devices and Windows phones. You can download these mobile apps free of cost, from the respective application stores.

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