Free Battery Widget Android App

Sep 29, 2011

Want to know current battery level on your Android device? Looking for a free battery meter Android app? Try Battery Widget, a small widget which shows the exact battery level in 1×1 space on your Android device. So, it will help you save time, which you otherwise would have spent going into settings to view your current battery status. The Battery Widget Android app easily blends into any wallpaper. So, no need to worry about ruining the look of your home screen.

Battery Widget Android

Battery Widget is not actually an application, but a widget. So, you need to add it to your homescreen from Menu > Add > Widgets > Battery Widget. It adds shortcuts to power summery, display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS settings. These controls are displayed when you touch the widget. To display GSP receiver on/off status, it requires device permission to access “fine (GPS) location”. But don’t worry, it will never access device location information. Also, Battery Widget requires device permissions to view Wi-Fi state, change Wi-Fi state, and prevent device from sleeping. But it can’t do anything to prevent the device from sleeping.

The Battery Widget is good productivity application for Android powered mobiles or smart devices. It requires Android version 1.5 and above. It is a free application and is now available for download. Get it today!

Download from Android Market:


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