Floopo : Free Twitter Clone Script

Oct 16, 2009

Floopo is free microblogging script that will enable you to create a micro blog (or a twitter clone) in just minutes. It comes with all the features you would expect in a Twitter clone. But it also includes some added features that will help you create and manage microblogging site effectively.

Floopo : Free Twitter Clone Script

Floopo : Free Twitter Clone Script

Your members will be able to post updates using 140 characters or less. These updates will then show in their “stream” and anyone that is following them will be able to see just what they are up to. Apart from text status updates, they will also be able to post images directly on your micro blog without having to use third party services.

Apart from being able to update their status and upload images, your members also get a full featured control panel. Each profile is 100% customizable and each member can change the layout to look and feel exactly how they want it to (and its all web based) using our built in profile customization module.

For site owner (or site admin) there are many handy options. For example, you can manage members (delete, suspend, activate etc), change site settings and display advertisements. Admin can also change site language and site theme(if available). There is a page creator/editor to help you create static pages such as about us, contact us etc.

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