Firefox Personas Mouseover Not Working? The Solution

Jan 23, 2010

Firefox Personas is a great new feature that is now available with Firefox version 3.6. By default Firefox 3.6 allows users to preview Personas with mouseover. This is a cool feature, because you don’t have to install each and every Personas to find the matching one. But some users complaints that their Personas are not changing on mouseover. Are you facing the same problem on your browser? Here is a simple solution for you.

Firefox Personas Mouseover Problem

Go to Tools > Options > Security and add to ‘Exceptions’ for "Warn me when sites try to install add-ons" option. Once whitelisted, you will be able to see the difference. Now you can preview all available Firefox Personas with mouseover. Also, don’t forget to uncheck "Site Preferences" in "Settings for Clearing History". You can access it when you have checked "Clear History when Firefox closes" in ‘Privacy’ section of Firefox ‘Options’.

8 Responses to “Firefox Personas Mouseover Not Working? The Solution”

  1. MinQ on 23rd Jan, 10 06:01am #

    It worked. I was so frustrated that was planning to uninstall firefox. Many many thanks.

  2. Rajni on 23rd Jan, 10 12:01pm #

    Yes this works. But for easy installation and customization, install Personas add-on.

  3. Cindy on 12th Mar, 10 05:03am #

    Thanks for the tip. Firefox Personas rocks.

  4. Kiri on 27th May, 10 05:05am #

    Awesome, quick and painless fix. Thank you.

  5. Kim on 5th Sep, 10 12:09pm #

    This worked for me – thanks!

  6. Matt Sutton on 22nd Oct, 10 03:10pm #

    Very Good same as the rest of the people, thought I’d have to uninstall and all that but no this fix worked. Thankx

  7. Catherine on 21st Dec, 10 11:12pm #

    I had the mouse-over problem, and I solved it, thanks to your tutorial !

  8. Sim on 1st Sep, 11 11:09pm #

    Thank you!!!!!!

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