Using Firefox Gestures with FireGestures Add-on

Mar 11, 2013

A mouse gesture is an invisible sign drawn in computer screen by using the mouse pointer. It is a fast way to execute a command or function. In web browsers mouse gestures can be used to perform several common actions. For example: going back or forward, opening link in new window or tab, switching between tabs, zoom in/out etc. If you were looking for a way to efficiently execute mouse gestures in Mozilla Firefox browser, you may try a suitable gesture add-on. One such add-on is FireGestures, which will let you execute commands and user scripts on your web browser by using gestures.

FireGestures Screenshot

FireGestures Firefox gestures extension can speed up your browsing experience. It utilizes five types of gestures: mouse gestures, rocker gestures, wheel gestures, keypress gestures and tab wheel gestures.

  • Moving mouse with holding right-button (Mouse Gesture).
  • Mouse gesture with holding Ctrl / Shift key (Keypress Gesture).
  • Left-click with holding right-button or right-click with holding left button (Rocker Gesture).
  • Scrolling wheel with holding right-button (Wheel Gesture).
  • Scrolling wheel on the tab bar (Tab wheel Gesture).

FireGestures Firefox add-on comes with several customization options. You can specify trigger button, set trail drawing, add your own scripts etc.

When used properly, gestures can save time and offer an unique user experience. But you need practice to use gestures properly. Otherwise wrong movements or actions will mess up your web browsing experience. After installing FireGestures, set your gesture actions carefully. Remember the gestures and practice. Once you’re familiar with all gestures, browsing will start to become more interesting and fun!

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