Firefox crosses 20% Global Market Share

Dec 3, 2008

Popular web browser Firefox continues it’s quest to dominate the global browser market. According to Market Share, during November 2008, Firefox has exceeded 20% share for a full month. Mozilla’s CEO, Johhn Lilly considers it as a significant milestone for Firefox and Mozilla and gives the credit to the Mozilla community.

Firefox crosses 20% Browser Market Share

Market Share points that Firefox usage share increased significantly with three major reasons – U.S. election, Thanksgiving holiday and extra weekend days. Around November 4, Firefox usage increased significantly and remained steady until the Thanksgiving holiday. Then November had 10 weekend days and it contributed towards extra usage of Firefox.

Now, Firefox is in the second position in the global browser market share chart. Microsoft Internet Explorer tops the charts with nearly 70% market share and the third position is occupied by Safari with more than 7% market share. Google’s Chrome broswer is in the fourth position with nearly 1% share. So, which one is your favorite browser?

4 Responses to “Firefox crosses 20% Global Market Share”

  1. Wayne John on 3rd Dec, 08 05:12pm #

    Too bad IE just doesn’t go away and vanish into the ether…I’m tired of having to rework CSS just for IE failure to comply to standards…

    Go FireFox!

  2. Linda on 3rd Dec, 08 05:12pm #

    Firefox deserves its ranking! It is far better than IE ever thot to be and certainly is getting more users each and every day. Congrats Firefox!

  3. Wan Kong Yew on 4th Dec, 08 02:12am #

    What? I thought that Firefox passed the 50% long ago. I guess plenty of non-geek types are still using IE.

  4. StarMars on 4th Dec, 08 11:12am #

    I love my Firefox but I’m starting to like Google Chrome more and more.

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