Firefox 3.0.6 released

Feb 4, 2009

Mozilla on Tuesday released the first Firefox update of 2009. Firefox 3.0.6, the new version of the popular web browser, now comes with fixes to several security bugs and stability issues. All total of six security vulnerabilities, one of which Critical, two rated with a risk impact of High, one Moderate and two Low, are fixed in Firefox 3.0.6. Mozilla strongly recommends all Firefox users to upgrade their installation to this new version.

The most critical issues fixed in Firefox 3.0.6 are the bugs in the browser’s JavaScript and layout engines that could be used by attackers to run unauthorized programs on a exploited computer. The update also includes some other performance and stability related improvements, including new code that will support scripted commands, such as those used by Adblock Plus, to work properly with plug-ins. What’s more? Firefox 3.0.6 also addresses a few issues to display and for privacy, the client user ID has now been removed from the crash reports.

On the other hand, Firefox is gradually getting more share of the global browser market. According to Market Share, Firefox now holds 21.53% of the global browser market share. On the other hand Internet Explorer, which is currently the number one web browser in terms of global market share, is losing a portion of it’s market share every month. Why popularity of Firefox is increasing day by day? In my view the safety side is one of the most important factor’s of Firefox’s success. I love Firefox. What about you?

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