Find Website Location with Flagfox Firefox Add-on

Dec 16, 2010

Flagfox is a cool Firefox add-on that display a country depicting the server location of the website you are currently viewing. In means, this Firefox add-on will tell you from where the web page you are currently viewing is being served. Additional information can be obtained via different available actions such as whois, Alexa, SiteAdvisior, WOT scorecard, Google Cache, translation, validation and more. In simple words, Flagfox adds an extra layer of awareness to your browsing by providing various information about web addresses and domains.

Flagfox Firefox Add-on

The information provided by Flagfox can help you in various situations. For example, you can avoid scam sites. By default clicking on a country flag icon loads Geotool, which gives a detailed map showing the city the web server is in and other useful information such as its local time and ISP. Other possible actions may include Site safety and malware checks, WHOIS and DNS information, find server’s IP address, automatic web page translation, page code validation, URL shortening, similar sites etc.

All available actions can be accessed by clicking on the flag icon or by using keyboard shortcuts. Flagfox users can easily customize the actions to be displayed in context menu of flag icon. You can also add your own actions and set different hotkeys for different actions.

Download Flagfox Firefox Add-on:

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