File Extension CONTACT

May 28, 2009

Have a CONTACT file on your computer, but you don’t know how to open it? Not sure about the programs associated with the file extension CONTACT? Windows is unable to open file extension contact? So, you are in a serious situation! What you gonna do now? First know what is a CONTACT file and with what program(s) it can be opened. This applies to all other unknown file extensions. Because, you may already have the appropriate program on your computer and due to some other errors you computer may fail to open a file.

File Extension CONTACT

File Extension CONTACT is an XML formatted file containing information about the computer users. It is mainly associated with Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Live. Windows Vista is a range of graphical operating systems used on different types of personal computers. On the other hand, Windows Live is a range of services and software products offered by Microsoft. For more information, you can visit, a site dedicated to File Extension Contact.

Now you are familiar with file extension CONTACT. Let’s move to your problem! First look whether or not you have Windows Vista or Windows Live installed on your computer. If you have the program(s) and still unable to open a CONTACT file, there must some errors. File Extension CONTACT related errors may occur during transfer of files from Windows Vista or Windows Live to computer without Windows Vista or Windows Live. In that case open the file with a compatible computer or try to install those programs on your computer.

Windows may also fail to open files with File Extension CONTACT when there are errors in Window’s registry. In that case we recommend you to go for a registry scan. Don’t mess around with it unless you are familiar with Windows registry? Instead take help from an expert. For further help, you can also visit, which contains lost of information on the file extension.

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