File Extension CBR: How to Open a CBR File?

Jul 17, 2011

What is a .CBR file? Have a .CBR file in your computer but don’t know how to open it? Want to learn how to open a CBR file? If yes, read on! The file extension CBR (.cbr) is used to denote Comic Book Reader (CBR) or comic book archive files. These are archive files, normally used for storing and sequential display of digital comic books or other images. A typical CBR file contains a set of JPEG, PNG or GIF images. These pages are automatically ordered and can be presented sequentially either by one or two at a time.

  File Extension CBR

How to open a .CBR File?

A CBR file is actually a RAR archive. So, the content of a CRB file can be easily extracted by using a file decompressing utility. For example, you can rename the file extension to .rar and use WinRAR application to extract and view the images present inside a .CBR file.

But, after extracting, you won’t be able to enjoy those image in a book format. So, if you want to enjoy the content of a CBR file the way it meant to be (as a comic book), you need to use a Comic Book Archive viewer software. File extension .CBR was made popular by CDisplay image viewer software. So, you can use CDisplay application to play your .CBR comic book file. There are some other applications too, that you can use to open a .CBR file.

Following are the some programs that can open .CBR files.

  • Windows OS: CDisplay, CBViewer, pixelComic etc.
  • Mac OS: Comical, Feedface FFView, Comic Book Viewer etc.
  • Linux OS: Comical, QComicBook etc.


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