File Extension AMR and related problems

Apr 4, 2009

Are you facing problem with file extension AMR? First you should know what is File Extension AMR and what it does. AMR is the short form of Adaptive Multi-Rate and is an audio data compression scheme optimized for speech coding. AMR was first adopted as standard speech codec in 1998 by the 3d Generation Partnership Project. It provides the highest quality of speech clarity in mobile phone communication. Now almost all 3G mobile phones supports the file extension .amr.

Computer Problems

Computer Problems

Sometimes errors may appear while opening .amr files. The most possible reason of error may be related with the codec present on a computer. Due to various reasons the specific codecs required for File Extension AMR may be damaged or removed from a computer. In that case you will get errors while trying to open a .amr file. Don’t worry such kind of errors can be easily corrected by using fresh codecs.

Don’t know how to get relief from errors related with file extension AMR? Take a look at, a website dedicated to File Extension AMR and problems associated with it. From their site you will easily understand what is file extension AMR, what kind of data it contains and what are the software that can be used to play such files.

Moreover they will tell you what to do in order to get rid of a problem associated with .amr files. Just by following the instructions provided on the website you will be able to fix all kinds of problems related with file extension AMR. Go and give a visit today.

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