File Extension AB2 Problems

Apr 15, 2009

Facing difficulties in opening files with .AB2 extension? Your computers may not have the appropriate programs installed or there may be some sort of registry errors. Don’t worry. It can be fixed very easily. But, before that you must know what is actually file extension ab2?

File Extension AB2

File Extension AB2

File Extension AB2 is associated with Parson’s Address Book file. It is a very old program and is now known as Ultimate Mail Manager. Still it can open old .AB2 files but only after the files are manipulated with the help of MS Access and Excel. The goal of the file manipulation is to export it as a tab delimited file (.tab) which can be opened with any address book program with support for tab delimited files. For example popular address book programs like Thunderbird, Eudora, Microsoft Address Book etc.

So that was all about File Extension AB2 in a nutshell. For more information about it, you can visit, a site dedicated to the AB2 file extension. If you are not sure about working with Access and Excel, try to avoid playing with your AB2 files. Because the files may get corrupted if you do something wrong. The best way to open AB2 files is with the Ultimate Address book application.

Even after installing the appropriate program, if .AB2 files don’t open on your computer you may need to check your computer for problems. For this you can use the driver detective software, which will scan your computer for old or corrupted drivers and will prompt you to update the required drivers. In this way you can fix your File Extension AB2 problems very easily.

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