Faster and Safer Web Browsing with OpenDNS

May 8, 2011

Want to speed up your Internet browsing experience? Not happy with your ISP’s DNS (Domain Name System) server? Looking for a free DNS server that really works? If yes, try OpenDNS, a free DNS resolution service. It is used by millions of users and organizations around the globe. With it’s globally distributed network, integrated web content filtering and anti-phising technology, OpenDNS makes web browsing a faster and safer experience.

OpenDNS Free DNS Servers

How OpenDNS can help?

When you type a URL into your browser and hit the enter button, your computer automatically uses an available DNS server to look up the IP address for that URL and opens the site you are trying to visit. Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) have their own DNS servers. But it is seen that sometimes those default DNS servers fail. As a result you may experience slowness in browsing or even some site won’t open.

OpenDNS is an alternative to your ISP’s DNS server(s). With a large cache of domain names and a globally distributed network of servers, it can process DNS queries much more quickly. It may help in boosting your speed. Moreover, OpenDNS comes with some added features such as phishing filter and automatic typo correction. So, if you are not happy with your ISP’s DNS server, you should definitely try OpenDNS.

How to use OpenDNS?

To start using this free DNS resolution service, you need to change your DNS settings to the OpenDNS servers:

OpenDNS Solutions:

OpenDNS provides solutions that are ideal for businesses and enterprises, K-12 schools, managed service providers, and home networks. It’s free services are ad-supported while paid services are advertisement free.

OpenDNS has three plans to suit your needs:

  • OpenDNS Basic for home users.
  • OpenDNS Deluxe for families and SMBs.
  • OpenDNS Enterprise for businesses

OpenDNS Basic is an ad-supported free service. It comes with web content filtering, phishing protection, basic customization options, typo correction and simple traffic reports. This plan is perfect for home users. Sign up for it today by visiting


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