Download Videos with Video DownloadHelper Firefox Add-on

Mar 21, 2010

Want to download a video from your favorite web site? What if that particular site don’t provide direct download links? How to download that video? Get Video DownloadHelper, a download management add-on for Firefox which makes it easier to download and convert videos from hundreds of web sites. With this tiny Firefox extension, you can easily save videos from most of the popular video sites on the Internet. It also supports audio and picture galleries.

DownloadHelper Firefox

DownloadHelper add-on is very easy to use. Get it from the link below. After installation, you will see a new icon in your toolbar. Look that icon while browsing the web. When you visit web pages containing downloadable media (video, audio or image), that icon gets animated and tells you that it can do something for you! When the icon is animated, you can see a small triangle at the right of the icon. Click on this arrow to open the download menu. Select your preferred item and download it. Alternatively, you can find the available downloads from the context menu.

You can even download several video files from YouTube, without opening the video pages. Just select a region in a YouTube page containing links and right-click to display the context menu. A new entry offers to download all selected video files. When more that one downloadable files are available, the downloading is done one by one.

DownloadHelper Firefox extension comes with many options. For example, you can change the storage directory, specify a download mode, maintain a black list, enable/disable history feature and even tell the add-on to automatically convert videos. To configure DownloadHelper right-click on the DownloadHelper icon and choose Preferences.

More Info and Download Link: (Firefox Add-on Link)

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