NASA Night Launch Firefox Theme

Apr 5, 2013

The NASA Night Launch is one of the most popular Firefox themes. It is dark and was inspired by the night launch of NASA STS-16 mission. Unlike Firefox Personas, the NASA Night Launch is a complete theme with tons of features and many customization options. For example: you can use the subskins to customize the toolbar with your favorite NASA images. You can also apply more tweaks by using a custom stylesheet. This Firefox theme looks great on a dark desktop theme. So, if you wanted to customize your desktop with a dark Firefox theme, try NASA Night Launch today.

NASA Night Launch Theme

The look of this amazing Firefox theme can be easily tweaked by using subskins. A subskin is a mini theme added to the existing theme. The NASA Night Launch comes with several subskins with different abilities. For example: add background image to main browser window, add side image to the Options window, style toolbars and toolbar buttons etc. How to use a subskin? First create a custom stylesheet by using Stylish add-on for Firefox. Then add the stylesheet to one or more subskins. You can also mix multiple subskins. Take a look at the screenshot above. It is NASA Night Launch theme on an Windows XP computer.


NASA Night Launch theme is compatible with Firefox 17 and above. It runs smoothly on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux operating system. Many Firefox add-ons are compatible with this theme. In fact, it has specific code for some of the most popular add-ons such as DownThemAll.

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Download NASA Night Launch Theme

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