Download Free PHP Directory Listing Script

Nov 19, 2010

Looking for some free scripts to list and display all your files in a directory? Try PHP Directory Listing Script, a free script that automatically generates a well formed table and lists the contents of a specified directory and sub-directories. PHP Directory Listing Script has image tags associated with certain file types. It can also generate thumbnails to display preview of image files. Take a look at the screenshot below.

PHP Directory Listing Script

PHP Directory Listing Script is a simple, one file script. It requires PHP, Javascript and GD2 (for thumbnail functionality). It is extremely easy to use. First download the script pack from the link below and unzip all files. Open the index.php file and edit the required variables. Save your changes and upload all files to the desired directory. That’s it! Your directory listing page is ready. Open it on your web browser and test. Customization options include the ability to hide certain files or directories, force downloads, support file uploads, overwrite files, thumbnails and show/hide index files.

Download Directory Listing Script:

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