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Jun 11, 2015

Mozilla Firefox browser is now delivered through a stub installer or online installer. So, installation of Firefox requires active Internet connection. This is very irritating, specially when you are offline or when your Internet connection is unstable. This irritation or problem can be avoided by using the standalone or full exe or offline installer. Continue reading to find out more about the Firefox stub installer and learn how to download the Firefox offline (standalone) installer.

What is a stub installer?

A stub installer is a small executable file, which is actually a downloader. Upon running it on your computer, the stub installer starts downloading all the required files to complete the actual installation process. When you run a stub installer, a live Internet connection is a must. Otherwise, the installation process would fail. That means, stub installers are useless for offline installation of an application.

Stub installer is not a new thing. It is used by many popular software. The aim of a stub installer is to provide the user a streamlined installation experience. But I bet many users don’t like this approach. The only advantage of a stub installer is it’s small size. Due to the small size, it takes just a few seconds to download.

Firefox Online Installer

Firefox Stub installer:

When you press the large green “Free Download” button on official Firefox website, a small executable file (less than 300kb) starts downloading. That’s the Firefox Setup Stub or online installer. When you run the stub installer, it starts downloading actual installation files from Mozilla servers. The actual installation process starts only after downloading all the required files. So, Internet connectivity is a must for installation of Firefox in standard method (through the online installer).

Disadvantages of stub installers:

There are several disadvantages of stub installers. For example:

  • Offline installation is impossible. With the stub installer you can’t install Firefox on a computer without Internet connection.
  • Installation on multiple computers is tiresome. To install Firefox on multiple computers, you need to run the stub installer again and again. This not only consumes time but also your valuable bandwidth.
  • Failed installation due to connectivity problems. During installation of Firefox, if there is a glitch in your Internet connectivity, your installation will fail. And you’ll see the irritating “download interrupted” notice.

How to download Firefox Offline Installer?

Mozilla still offers full, standalone installers for Firefox. But download of those standalone installers are not provided on the front page of official website. So, how to download Firefox offline installers? The full Firefox setup package can be obtained from the following link: (URL points to official Firefox website)

The web page on the above link contains download links of full installer of the most recent version of Firefox. Links are provided for different languages and different platform. Select the download link of your choice and download the full installation file of Firefox. Save the installer for future use. You can use it to install your favorite web browser in different computers and even when you are offline.

Firefox Full Installer

Alternative download link for the geeks:

The above URL contains download links of all Firefox versions released till date. If you don’t know what you are doing, you might end up downloading a wrong version. So, use it carefully.

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