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Nov 4, 2009

Want to build your own iPhone apps, but have no money or spare time? Take a look at  appmii, a new software company that allows users to create their own iPhone applications. With appmii you can easily create your cool iPhone apps, as it provides the design and development services necessary for creating a professional, customized app. You only need to provide the ideas and directions, and appmii takes care of the rest.

appmii : Build Your Own iPhone Apps

appmii : Build Your Own iPhone Apps

appmii is ideal for those who do not have the time or money to create an app from scratch. Hiring a designer can be costly, and oftentimes the finished product is not satisfactory. So, appmii may be a good option for those people. Not only is appmii affordable, it permits users to collect a profit. Registration and creating an app is free, no credit card or payment is necessary to begin.

There are two easy ways to get started on building an app.

appmii basic:

appmii basic has a set-up fee of $99.95 and a monthly hosting fee of $4.99. Once ideas and instructions are received, appmii will build a customized app ready for downloading and sharing. Furthermore, after Apple takes its fee, the user receives 40 percent of their app’s revenue. The app designer sets the fee for the app, or can make it free of charge. Every additional app is $99.95. The basic package is ideal for those new to the app market.

appmii pro:

appmii pro allows users to participate in a two-tier affiliate program. This set-up is designed for users with an entrepreneur’s mindset. The set-up fee is $249.95 and has a monthly hosting fee of $29.95. Just like with the basic package, users can design and upload their own apps, except with pro there is the opportunity to earn more profit. Thanks to the two-tier marketing set-up, users earn money even when sales commissions go out. As opposed to earning 40% of the revenue with the basic package, pro users earn 50% of their apps revenue after Apple takes their share.

Additionally, the appmii pro package allows users to manage the business of their app online. Using the easy-to-use control panel, users can manage their affiliate marketing and edit and update their app. Once an app is created, individuals can refer friends and take advantage of interactive features, such as social networking, event planning, RSS feeds and blogging.

For those unsure of which direction to take in creating an app, appmii offers a free video series. The series provides directions and advice on all aspects of creating and managing an app, including the development, marketing and profitability. The video series is broken down into seven days and gives a clear idea of what to expect when executing the development of an app.

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