Create Mosaic Image Gallery with Mosaiqy

Jul 28, 2011

Are you looking for a light-weight script to display an image gallery with unique transition effects? If yes, try Mosaiqy, a jQuery plugin for presenting images in an interesting way. It pulls images from a JSON/JSONP data source and presents them in a beautiful mosaic-like grid interface. The image thumbnails will randomly move inside the grid columns and rows. Users will be able to view the zoomed image by clicking on a thumbnail.

The Mosaiqy jQuery plugin retrieves images from a JSON/JSONP data source. This features makes it a handy script for creating image galleries with external images. With Mosaiqy, you can easily pull images from third party image hosting services such as flickr and Panoramio. The screenshot below shows a nice mosaic image gallery created with images pulled from flickr.

Mosaiqy jQuery Plugin Sample

This jQuery image gallery plugin comes with multiple customization options. You can set number of columns of the grid, number of columns of the grid, speed of slide effects, delay between slide effects, speed of fade effect while opening & closing zoom images etc.

Mosaiqy is a lightweight script. The file size is just 8.3Kb minified and 3.5Kb minified with gzip. It was designed for jQuery 1.6 or newer and HTML5 pages. It will work nicely with following web browsers: Opera 9+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 3.2+, Chrome and IE7+.

Download Mosaiqy jQuery Plugin:

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