Create Image Galleries with jQuery slideViewer

Sep 13, 2010

jQuery slideViewer is an image gallery jQuery plugin which will let you instantly create a beautiful image gallery just by writing a few lines of HTML with an unordered list of image links. jQuery slideViewer is lightweight (3.5Kb) and easy to use. It checks for the number of images within an unordered list and automatically creates a gallery with numbered links. Clicking on images make the gallery slide forward or backward. There is no limit on number of galleries you can have per page with this jQuery plugin. Just provide your image links with unique DIV IDs and class=”svw”, and slideViewer will create a gallery for each list of images.


Customization is easy. You can easily customize the kind of animation and its duration. You can also specify the position of your numbered links (above or below images). Optionally, you can enhance the default tooltips with custom fancy tooltips. slideViewer requires jQuery 1.4.1 and the jQuery easing.1.2 plugin to work. slideViewer have been tested with IE6, IE7, IE8, FF3.5, Opera 9 and Chrome 2.0 web browsers.

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