Cool Night Vision Devices

Feb 5, 2009

Humans have poor night vision, the ability to see in dark. That’s why if for some reason you want to see clearly in a dark environment, you will need a night vision device. Now a days, night vision devices are not only used by the military  and security agencies, but are also widely used by civilians for various purposes. In fact there are many companies who manufactures these devices specially for civilians.

Night Vision

Night Vision

Take a look at the picture. This is a face-mounted dual eye goggle system, built for giving you the best night vision experience. Manufactured by ATN corp, this night vision binocular goggle system is called the Night Cougar. It is very light, comfortable to wear and easy to use. Because of the high precision optics, one will always get the clearest and brightest view while using this system.

The body of this 155 x 125 x 70 mm night vision system is built using rugged fiberglass reinforced plastic and it is weather resistant. The adjustable eyepiece can be focused manually and it provides provide realistic 1:1 magnification. The battery life is 10-20 hours and it can be operated at -40°C to +40°C temperature. Due to it’s hands-free nature, the ATN Night Cougar Binocular Goggle system is just perfect for security and surveillance. One can also wear it during fishing, boating, camping and hunting.

Want to buy it online? Go to Why OpticsPlanet only? Because, they are one of the leading suppliers of sport optics, tactical and military gears. They offers special discounts on their wide range of night vision products. For orders over $29.95 they provide free UPS shipping within United States. So, go to their ATN Night Cougar Binocular Goggle system page and get special discount on this system. Currently the sale price is just $529.00.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a different night vision product, just browse through their product pages. I am sure that you will find at least one product that suits your needs and comes within your budget. Their customer service is also great. Just contact that if you need some help in buying a product.

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  1. rainer on 7th Feb, 09 08:02pm #

    Well, to see in the dark, that could be cool, especially when you are out in the nature….I like the idea, but 529$ I believe I would buy a torch light……Happy Blogging

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