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Feb 11, 2011

Reframe It is a commenting tool that lets people comment on any web page, that is too without the knowledge / permission of the site owner. This web annotation tool works by adding a virtual margin alongside any web page which users can use to post and read comments. One can reference specific text or images on a web page and easily share them privately or publicly via Facebook, Twitter, Email and private groups. In simple words, Reframe It web annotation tool is a cool social collaboration tool.

Reframe It firefox Add-on

Reframe It Firefox Add-on

Now, Reframe It is available as a Firefox Add-on, which will let your easily post comments and start conversations on any web page. No logins required! Just highlight, comment and share!

Using Reframe It is just like making comments on any social network. The only thing that makes it unique is that you can make comments anywhere on the web, and you can share your comments with anyone. Whenever you want to write comments on a page, just open the margin that you’ll see it at the right side of your browser window. Then highlight the text or image and write your comment. You can also read comments left by others and reply to them in a threaded discussion format. Reframe It also supports sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, FriendFeed, WordPress, RSS, HTML, e-mails and more.

Available in 3 forms

Reframe It is available in 3 forms. Besides as browser extension for Firefox or Internet Explorer, it is also available as a bookmarklet for Firefox, IE, Chrome or Safari. And the 3rd form is direct integration. Website owners can add Reframe It into their web pages so that users can easily leave comments.

Download Reframe It Firefox Add-on:

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