cliqcliq Quickpic with Media Upload and Contact List Support

Feb 9, 2010

cliqcliq Quickpic is a free iPhone app available on the iTunes App Store, that helps bridge the gap between what native iPhone applications and web applications can do, by providing access to native functionality for uploading photos and video as well as selecting contact information. Quickpic has two main functions: a) letting you quickly email photos from your camera, photo library, and Flickr and b) providing support for websites that ask you to upload images and movies.

cliqcliq Quickpic cliqcliq Quickpic is available for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. It gives iPhone web application developers a tool for accessing the iPhone’s built-in camera, photo library, and address book. Quickpic can be launched, as a native application, from any web page running in Mobile Safari (including on the iPod Touch), and configured to prompt for any combination of contacts, photos, and/or videos. By specifying a couple parameters, developers can tell Quickpic where to upload data to and where to go when finished. This creates a smooth flow from the web to the native Quickpic app, and back.

Quickpic is a free to both users and developers!

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