carouFredSel : jQuery Infinite Circular Carousel Plugin

Oct 1, 2010

Want to add a cool carousel to your website? Want an infinite carousel? Try carouFredSel, a jQuery plugin that can turn any kind of HTML element into a beautiful, infinite, circular carousel. It resizes automatically and supports variable item width and height. carouFredSel can scroll one or multiple items simultaneously. Scrolling in horizontal or vertical direction and can be set to start automatically and/or by user interaction. carouFredSel comes with many custom events, public methods and customization options. So, you can easily customize your carousel to fit your website requirements.

carouFredSel jQuery plugin

Features of carouFredSel jQuery Carousel plugin:

  • jQuery plugin that urns any HTML element into a horizontal or vertical carousel.
  • Resizes automatically and supports variable item-width and -height.
  • Can scroll one or multiple items simultaneously.
  • Auto scrolling and/or by scrolling with user interaction.
  • Built in keyboard-navigation and pagination.
  • Can dynamically add and remove items to/from the carousel.
  • Configuration options such as direction, width, height, scroll, pagination etc.

  • Custom events such as play, pause, prev, next, scrollTo, insertItem etc.

  • Public methods such as destroy and configuration.

  • GET and (re)SET the configuration options after execution.
  • Compatible with all popular jQuery lightbox plugins.

The carouFredSel jQuery plugin is licensed under the MIT-license. You can download it from the link below.

carouFredSel Download Link:

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