bxGallery : jQuery Image Gallery Plugin

Sep 10, 2010

bxGallery is a jQuery plugin that will let you create a beautiful image gallery without much hard work. The main feature of bxGallery is automatic thumbnail generation. Yes, this image gallery plugin will automatically generate thumbnails for your images. Other features include custom size/cropping methods for thumbnails, thumbnail placement option (top, bottom, left, right) and thumbnail hover effect. Take a look at the screenshot from the official image gallery demo.


Implementation and use of bxGallery jQuery plugin is easy. You need to apply it to an html unordered list where you placed your image links. Use title attributes with image links to display image captions. Configuration options include various settings such as maximum width and height of main image, thumbnail width, thumbnail cropping (true/false), thumbnail cropping percentage, placement of thumbnails, width of the thumbnail container, opacity level of thumbnails, loading text, loading image etc.

Download link for bxGallery jQuery Image Gallery Plugin :


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