Buy and Sell with Location-based Zaarly Platform

Aug 16, 2011

Want to buy something or get something done immediately? If yes, try Zaarly, a location-based service that helps you buy and sell with people around you. The Zaarly buy and sell marketplace is an unique real-time commerce platform for buying and selling of items, services and even experience or knowledge! Zaarly is a web-based platform and can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Whether you want to find a graphic designer, get social media consulting service, get coffee delivered to your office, or find help in selling your guitar, this platform might help you.

Zaarly Platform

Zaarly is extremely easy to use. First create an account by visiting or by downloading the mobile application to your iPhone. You can also signup by visiting from your smartphone. Once you log in, post a request explaining what you need, when you need and how much you’re willing to pay. Then Zaarly will share your request post in the local community and connect you with interested individuals or businesses. Moreover, you can easily get help from your friends via popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. On this platform, buyers and sellers allowed to communicate via messages and phone calls. This will help you in discussing transaction details, price or other relevant information. For communications, an unique number is used and your real phone number is kept confidential. So, no need to worry about your privacy. Once you got the item or service you wanted for, you can pay. You can use either cash or credit cards for payment.

So, Zaarly is a community marketplace for buying and selling goods, services and even experience. With this hyper-local platform, you’ll be able to get help from people around you and complete a transaction in real-time, without disclosing your personal information, phone number or credit card details. On the other hand, it will help interested sellers or service providers in getting more offers from clients in their locality. Sellers are paid on the spot by cash or by credit card. This will attract more sellers and prevent chances of any fraud.

Right now, the Zaarly platform is available only in the United States. International users may have to wait for some times, as it is not yet launched globally. If you are from US, you can access Zaarly from any HTML5 supported mobile devices including iPhone and Android OS devices. A free application for Apple iOS is also now available. You can download it from the Apple App Store.

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