Add Sliding Notifications on Your Site with SlideNote

Dec 2, 2010

SlideNote is a flexible jQuery Plugin for easily displaying cool sliding notifications on web pages. It works when a visitor scrolls down a web page. Notification data is pulled from a URL. The sliding notification hides when the visitor scrolls up or uses the close button. SlideNote is compatible with jQuery 1.4.3 and works nicely on current versions of all popular web browsers.

SlideNote jQuery

SlideNote is highly customizable. To modify the behavior and/or content of the script, you can use the following customization options:

  • where: specifies how far down the user must scroll to see the sliding notification.
  • corner: controls from which side of the screen the notification will slide in.
  • URL: link from where data is pulled to use as the content of the notification.
  • container: it will only pull content from the element having the specified ID from the specified URL. If no container is specified, then the entire page will be used.
  • closeImage: displays the image at the specified URL.

Download SlideNote jQuery plugin:

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