Add Image Zoom Effect with ‘jQZoom’ JavaScript Image Magnifier

Jul 18, 2010

Want to add an image zoom function on your web pages? Want to let your visitors zoom or magnify certain images on your site? Get jQZoom, a JavaScript image magnifier that allows you to add a small magnifier window close to the image or images on your web page(s). So, with jQZoom you can easily help your visitors enjoy magnified views of the images on your website. Get this free script and add image zoom effect today.


JQZoom is built on jQuery JavaScript framework and is extremely easy to use. First add the latest jQuery release and then the jQZoom script to your header. Then add the jqzoom.css file to your header. You can start showing zoom effect by adding proper anchor element to your image link. The anchor element generates the zoom revealing a portion of the enlarged image. The main anchor elements are: SMALLIMAGE.JPG, BIGIMAGE.JPG, MYCLASS and MYTITLE/IMAGE TITLE.

Customization is easy. There are many configuration options for jQZoom. For example: zoomType, zoomWidth, zoomHeight, xOffset, yOffset, position, title, imageOpacity, showEffect, fadeinSpeed, fadeoutSpeed, preloadText, preloadPosition etc. Style can be changed easily by assigning the right parameters value in the ‘jqzoom.css’ file.

jQzoom is licensed under GPL. It works on all major web browsers such as IE 6+, FF 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 2+ and Chrome 1.0.

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