AdBlock Plus Add-on for Internet Explorer

Jun 19, 2013

Good news for Internet Explorer users. Popular ad blocking tool AdBlock Plus (ABP) is now available for Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. A development version of the AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer has just been released. It means, Internet Explorer users will now be able to enjoy ad-free web browsing. AdBlock Plus is currently the most popular advertisement blocking or content filtering tool available on Internet today. It is already available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Android. And now with the new add-on, AdBlock Plus will be able to offer ad-free browsing experience to the major slice of Internet users (IE users).

Ad Blocker for Internet Explorer

AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer works as a Browser Helper Object (BHO) and can be managed from the Manage Add-on window of your browser (just like other IE add-ons). The interface of this Internet Explorer ad blocker add-on is made of HTML. The AdBlock Plus icon appears in the status bar. As Internet Explorer JavaScript engine is slow, AdBlock plus  partially utilizes Chrome’s JavaScript engine V8. AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer runs a separate process called AdblockPlusEngine.exe, which is the core of the whole system.

The AdBlock Plus Internet Explorer add-on will be available in two versions: 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows. There are still some issues with this Internet Explorer add-on. That’s why no public releases yet. If you are interested in testing, you can get the development version from the official AdBlock Plus website.

IE AdBlock Plus

How to install AdBlock Plus Internet Explorer add-on?

  1. Open the add-on URL in your browser (download link below).
  2. In the download page, select the correct link for your for your Operating System.
  3. When the file download window starts, press Run.
  4. AdBlock Plus setup wizard will start. Press Next button.
  5. Another message will appear asking you to review or change installation settings. Press Install button.
  6. When installation completes, press Finish button.

AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer should work on all versions of Internet Explorer (version 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10).

Download Link:

Get AdBlock Plus Internet Explorer add-on from here:

System-wide install of Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer:

Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer is also available as installer for Active Directory. This will allow ad blocking on whole network through Active Directory and Group Policy objects. The Adblock Plus installer for Active Directory is available in two versions – x86 version and x64 version. If you want system-wide installation of ABP for Internet Explorer, use these .msi installers.

Download Links:

x86 version:

x64 version:

How to install this version?

  1. First download the appropriate .msi installer from the above links.
  2. Run the installer directly on your computer or distribute it by using Group Policy Objects.

Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer Settings:

Wondering how to open the settings panel of Adblock Plus for IE? The Adblock plus options can be accessed from the status bar of Internet Explorer. In the options page, you will be able to change your blocklist subscription. You can also unblock or whitelist your preferred websites from that page. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the Status bar. If it is not appearing, go to Menu bar, right click and check ‘Status bar’.
  2. IE Adblock Plus Settings

  3. In the status bar of Internet Explorer, you’ll see the familiar ABP logo (in red color). Right click on that logo and select Settings from the context menu.
  4. The Adblock Plus Options panel will appear. There, you can select the preferred block list filter subscription such as ‘EasyList’.
  5. IE Adblock Plus Options

  6. To manually whitelist or unblock certain websites, use the Manage button. A form will appear. Add the domain name you want to unblock. Then press Add button. From now on, Ad blocking will be disabled on that website. To remove that site, use the Remove Selected button.

2 Responses to “AdBlock Plus Add-on for Internet Explorer”

  1. Dr H on 16th Sep, 15 07:09pm #

    So… how do you add -blacklist- sites? How to you set ABP to block social media buttons? I could do all this with ABP in Firefox, but I don’t see any of those settings in ABP for IE. All I can do is select a pre-defined block-list, and then manually add sites to unblock. Not very useful.

  2. Cadence on 17th Mar, 20 01:03am #

    It’s not letting me download custom content because it says i have ad block on. i dont know how to turn it off.

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