What is Acer eRecovery Management?

Mar 10, 2013

Some Acer laptops comes with eRecovery Management. Is it a reliable tool? What actually it does? The Acer eRecovery Management is a system backup & recovery application. It comes with select models of Acer computers, running Microsoft Windows. The purpose of this tool is to help create system backups and perform restore operations when needed. Acer eRecovery Management is a reliable application. It can easily restore a system to factory defaults or to an user-defined system configuration.  This utility tool will save you from a lot of trouble, specially during system crashes or other system errors.

Restoring an Acer computer to factory default is easy with eRecovery Management. It is done from the default settings image saved in a hidden hard disk partition or a backup. This utility tool can also restore to custom user configuration, provided full backup image of that system configuration is available. In that case, recovery is done from backup files on different partition or from backup CD/DVDs.

Launching Acer eRecovery Management:

To start Acer eRecovery Management follow these steps:

  1. Click Windows Start button.
  2. Go to All Programs, select Acer folder from the menu.
  3. Click the Acer eRecovery Management option from the list.

Acer eRecovery Management Screenshot

Once launched, the Acer eRecovery Management tool will show an window like the screenshot above. That windows has four sections, including Backup and Restore. The Backup section will help you create system backups, while Restore will guide you in restoring your system.

Under Backup, you’ll get following options:

  • Create Factory Default Disc
  • Create Driver and Applications Disc

Under Restore, you’ll find following options:

  • Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults.
  • Restore Operating System and Retain User Data.
  • Reinstall Drivers or Applications.

Select the appropriate option and backup or restore your system by using Acer eRecovery. Note: the factory default settings are saved in a hidden partition. Due to various circumstances that partition may become corrupted or not accessible. That’s why it is suggested that users should keep a backup copy of the factory defaults. If you don’t have the factory defaults image backup, create one today.

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  1. Jessop on 5th Aug, 18 07:08am #

    ran a recovery acer 3 days ago, now pc is worse than it was by not letting me go to sites i always used, now can not even get the acer revovery to re do program, i am lost as to how fix

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