What is an Windows 8 App?

Apr 25, 2013

Microsoft Windows 8 now comes with apps. What is an app in Windows 8? An app is a program or application installed on a computer or device. Windows 8 apps are designed to perform specific or limited number of tasks. But they work with multiple input devices, including touch, mouse and keyboard. In other words, apps are small or light software which offer a seamless experience between desktop and mobile devices running Windows 8.

Windows 8 Apps

How Windows 8 Apps are different from desktop applications?

Windows 8 apps runs only on Windows 8. You can’t use it on any other Windows operating system such as XP, Vista or Windows 7. Apps runs in full-screen mode by default. They do not have close buttons. You can run two apps at the same time (multitasking), in which case one app appears snapped in a strip on the left edge and the other fills the rest of the screen. You can also switch between apps. When the user switches from one app to another, the previously opened app is suspended and stars to run in background. This ensures low usage of system resources. And when system requires more resources, the app is automatically closed. An Windows 8 app can continue where you left off earlier.

The Windows 8 Apps are distributed only via Windows Store. They always comes with limited permissions are designed to do single or just a few specific tasks. Also, they can’t add or install additional software or services. Windows 8 apps may have live tiles, which displays notifications or live data on the Start screen. Apps are updated automatically via Windows Store.

All apps installed on your computer won’t appear on the Start screen. Also you can’t find apps in the Programs and Features section of Control Panel. But you can have a quick look at them in two ways: 1) Right click on the Start screen and the click All apps. 2) Swipe up from bottom edge or swipe down from top edge of Start screen and tap All apps.

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