About File Extension QIF

May 16, 2009

Want to know more about file extension QIF or .qif files? Unable to open a .qif file? Don’t know with what program .qif files can be opened? Don’t worry! We are going to discuss about it today. File extension QIF is mainly associated with three different computer programs – Quicken financial software, Apple QuickTime and DESQview. So, before running or opening a .qif file you must know the exact program associated with that particular file.

File Extension QIF

The most common use of File Extension QIF can be seen in the form of Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) file, a ASCII text file created by Intuit’s Quicken Financial software. Such .qif files are used to transfer different financial information between different Quicken data files. Financial institutions to uses QIF format to supply downloadable financial information to account holders via their websites. QIF files can be edited with the help of any text editor. Though Intuit stopped providing support for this file format, several financial institutions and accounting programs still uses it.

File Extension QIF is also associated with the QuickTime Image File created and compressed by Apple QuickTime software. Such files can be opened by using Apple QuickTime Viewer or Player and ACDSee Photo Manager software. File extension QIF was also associated with DESQview, a multitasking program developed by Quarterdeck Office Systems. The compressed font archive program was based on DOS. But now DESQview is no longer marketed and there is no know program that can open such .qif files.

So, now you know something about file extension QIF? Unable to open a .qif file? Chances are more that it is associated with the Quicken software and there was errors while exporting the file. You should try to get a fresh export file. On the other hand, if you are unable to open a QuickTime Image file, you need to check the codec. Because a .qif file created using a Mac codec may not open with some Windows and Linux programs.

For more information about File Extension QIF or .qif files, you can visit fileextensionqif.com. Besides providing information about QIF files, that site also contains instructions to solve other computer problems. Visit it today.

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