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Apr 25, 2009

Ever heard of File Extension PRC? Do you know what exactly a .PRC file is? If you have a personal digital assistant (PDA), chances are more that you are familiar with this file extension. But, like many other file extensions, PRC is associated with a number of programs. So, if you are handling a .prc file for the first time, you may not know with what program or application you should open it. Read on to find out more about File Extension PRC.

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File Extension PRC is associated with a number of programs. The most common associations are with Palm Operating System, MobiPocket eBook reader, PictureGear Pocket and Corel Presentation.

The .PRC files associated with Palm Operating System are executable installation files that stores program data and textual information and runs only on the Palm platform. If you are unable to open a .prc file on your Palm device, chances are more that your file is corrupted or damaged. In that case you may need to reinstall that particular program on your device.

File Extension PRC is also used by PictureGear Pocket, a free photo editor and viewer for CLIÉ handhelds and computer. Besides offering simple photo editing features, PictureGear Pocket also offers some advanced features such as filter effects and slideshows. When a file with File Extension PRC is damaged, you may experience problems while opening it on PictureGear Pocket. In such situation the best option is to use a fresh copy of the file.

The MobiPocket is an eBook reader software for PDAs or smartphones. It uses File Extension PRC for files, which can only be opened using MobiPocket. Corel .prc files file can be open in Corel Presentation, which comes with Corel World Perfect Office suite software.

So, that was in brief about File Extension PRC. For more information about .prc files and how to solve problems related with it, you can check fileextensionprc.net, a website full of information about File Extension PRC and problems associated with it.

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