About File Extension FLV

May 5, 2009

Today let’s talk about file extension FLV. Love to watch videos online? Are do you visit online video sharing sites? If yes, we are sure that we know something about the file extension FLV or simply the .flv files. Because most of the popular online video sharing sites, such as YouTube and Google Video, uses FLV video files to deliver video over the Internet.

Flash Video and Computer

File Extension FLV denotes the flash video file format that delivers video over the Internet via Adobe Flash Player. Flash video is compatible with almost all popular operating systems. Files with file extension FLV may also be embedded within .swf files. That’s why videos of popular video sharing sites are embeddable in web pages and can be viewed within a web browser. File Extension FLV is now the most popular file format for embeddable video on the web.

To play a flash video or a .flv file, you need the Adobe Flash Player and web browser plugin, or a third-party FLV player. The best thing about a FLV player is that it can be used as a standalone player without the need of any Adobe Flash tools. Some of the popular FLV players include VLC media player, Applian FLV Player, GOM Player, Moyea Desktop Flash Player, Total Video Player, MPlayer and totem. In fact, there are many of them. You should never find any problem in playing a .flv file on your computer. Because most of the FLV players are available as freeware applications.

File Extension FLV problems are mostly related with outdated versions of Adobe Flash Player and/or FLV codecs. If you are unable to play a flash video on your browser, update your Adobe Flash Player and web browser plugin installation. Chances are more that getting the latest version of Flash Player will solve your problem. Sometimes errors also occur while converting .flv files. There are many software that makes it easy to convert .flv files to different formats or vice versa. But if your don’t have the latest and proper codecs on your computer, the conversion software may not work smoothly. So, better check the requirements and comply with it before starting the actual conversion process.

If you are still not confident about file extension FLV, visit ifileextensionflv.com, a website specially created to answer and solve questions and problems related with File Extension FLV or the .flv files.

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