About File Extension ASP Problems

Apr 22, 2009

Imagine a situation. You have some files with File Extension ASP but your computer is unable to open those files. Why? Why Windows failed to open those files? What you gonna do in such situation? Have any idea? Don’t worry. If you know some basic information about file extension ASP, you can easily solve such problems. So, let’s learn what actually is file extension ASP?

Computer Problems

File Extension ASP is associated with Active Server Pages, a Microsoft Technology that is used to create dynamic and interactive web pages by using ActiveX scripting. The ASP file contain text, HTML tags and scripts. The scripts in ASP files are executed on the server and is returned to the browser as plain HTML. All modern web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera can read and display .asp files. So, if you have one of those modern web browsers installed on your computer, you must not face any difficulties while opening .asp files.

Though it is mainly associated with Active Sever Pages, there are many other associations of file extension ASP. For example, it is also used by a CAD/CAM software called Alphacam. The Alphacam Stone Post files that is .asp files here denotes the special data files related with different components used in the woodworking industry. This file extension ASP can only be opened with the Alphacam software. Other programs with which file extension ASP is associated includes the Astound Presentation Software, Aspen/2 Data Manager software, Erosion 3D, ASAP WordPower WebShow, Photoshop Photo File Index etc.

So, you have a file with File Extension ASP and Windows is unable to open it? This may happen due to two reasons – either you don’t have the appropriate software installed on you computer or your Windows registry is corrupted. Check your computer. If the appropriate programs are already there, you must go for correction of those registry errors.

If you are not familiar with Windows registry, stay away from it. Instead take help from an expert of use a special software that automatically detects and corrects all errors associated with Windows registry. For online help, you can check www.fileextensionasp.org, a website dedicated to file extension ASP.

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