10 Best Online List Sorting Tools

Jul 6, 2013

This article is about online list sorting tools. An online sorting tool is an web application that can sort a list of items in different order such as ascending, descending or random. Such tools can be accessed and used from anywhere. All you need is an web browser with access to the Internet. Online list sorting tools comes handy when alphabetical sorting is required on a long list with words, numbers, email IDs etc. They saves time and gets the job done quickly. Find here a list of some of the best sorting or alphabetizing tools that are available online for free.

Sort Lists Online

Sorting a small list with say 10 times is easy and can be done manually. But if a list contains hundreds or thousands of items, it becomes almost impossible to sort manually. In that case what would you do? I’m sure you’ll look for a sorting tool – a tool that can sort the list alphabetically. Sorting option is already available on several popular document or office applications. But what about the Internet? Yes, there are many free online tools for sorting or formatting lists. Those web tools can easily sort a long list text or numbers right in your web browser window. They can sort in both ascending or descending order (0-9/9-0 and A-Z/Z-A). And whole sorting process would take just a few seconds. Apart from alphabetizing and sorting numbers, many of them also comes with options like adding text to list items, replace text in list items, duplicate removal, change case of letters, randomize order etc. If you have a long list to sort, you could always take help from a good online sorting tool. Continue reading to find some of the best online list sorting tools.

1. Sort My List

One of my favorite online sorting tools is Sort My List. This free tool can sort and clean a list in different ways. With toolbar buttons and options link on top, the interface of this website looks like a desktop application window. There’s a large space to paste your list items. Typical operations are alphabetizing (A-Z or Z-A), sorting by last name, numerical sorting and reverse list. A floating window will let you specify separator used in your list or how you want your items to be separated (comma, new line, blank line, space, tab, or special character). Sort My List interface also comes with options like clear, sort, replace, change case, clean, label, print, save, open, undo and redo. There is also a Reference Lists section which included many sample lists like list of countries, country population statistics etc.

Sort My List Image

URL: http://sortmylist.com/

2. Alphabetizer

Another free online tool for alphabetizing and sorting large lists. Apart from regular sorting, Alphabetizer can perform several other operations such as removal of HTML, capitalize or lowercase words, sort by last name, add numbers and more. In order to use this tool, open the link (look below) and copy/paste your list data into the empty white space. Then select relevant option as per your requirement. If your list items are separated by a different element such as special character, specify that in the options bar. If you want, you can also tell the Alphabetizer tool to add certain term or number to the beginning or end of each list item. There’s also an option to remove first word from the list either before or after alphabetizing. Once you are ready with your settings, you need to press the ALPHABETIZE button. That will process your list. For your convenience, you can Save or Print the output.

Alphabetizer Tool

URL: http://alphabetizer.flap.tv/

3. Online Sort

The Online Sort tool can sort and remove duplicates from both numbers and text. It also comes with options to invert sort and ignore case. The input or output list can have following separators: comma, semicolon, space, tab and new line. Online Sort is easy to use and does it’s job pretty well. Like other similar sorting tools, you need an web browser and a live Internet connection to use this tool. If your list contains numbers, logically numbers will be listed towards the start or end of the list.

Online Sort Tool

URL: http://www.online-utility.org/text/sort.jsp

4. Alphabetize

This free tool can sort list alphabetically. It comes with following sorting options: Sort A-Z, Reverse Sort Z-A, Short to Long, Long to Short and Remove Duplicates. Alphabetize tool has a clean, simple interface. In order to sort your list with this tool, you need to copy and paste your list data into the empty form field. Then select the appropriate option button as per your requirement. Within moments you’ll presented with the sorted list. This tool also displays total number of records in the output list.

Alphabetize Tool Screenshot

URL: http://www.alphabetize.org/

5. Sort Text Lines

A part of TextMechanic, Sort Text Lines is an online tool for sorting text lines. It can use used for sorting list of words or lines. Available sorting options include alphabetical, natural, length, reverse and random. You can tell it to sort by a delimiter at certain column number. Sort Text Lines tool interface comes with options to customize the font size and use Monospaced font. There’s also buttons for easy select and copy of the items. This tool is simple, lite and presents output instantly on same page without reloading the web page.

Sort Text Lines Screenshot

URL: http://textmechanic.com/Sort-Text-Lines.html

6. U-Convert:

U-Convert is an another useful online tool for list sorting and text conversion. It can sort text in ascending or descending order. It can also convert from and to CSV online. Other conversion options available in this tool include convert to lowercase, convert to uppercase, replace text (including regular expression support), strip HTML code, remove spaces, remove lines etc. U-Convert is easy to use and is one of technogadge.com’s favorites. After opening the webtool link, you need to paste your text or list items in the empty text area. Then you can select required conversion options from the options menu on the left side. By default advanced options remains hidden in the interface. To see further options (if available), you need to click the check boxes on the options menu.

U-Convert Tool

URL: http://www.u-convert.com/

7. Sort Numbers:

As the name suggests, this tiny tool does only one thing – sort numbers. You can use it to sort numbers in ascending or descending order. Sort Numbers tool is easy to use. Open it in your  web browser and paste your list in the empty text field. Then select your order list and press the Sort Numbers button. Instantly your list will be sorted according to the option you picked (ascending or descending). This tool works when numbers are separated by space, comma or line break.

Sort Numbers Tool

URL: http://www.miniwebtool.com/sort-numbers/

8. Sort Alphabetize Organize

Online alphabetizer tool for numeric/text lists and email addresses. It is designed to help sorting of email addresses in multiple ways. You can opt to sort by user name, domain name or even extension of domain name (.com, .org etc.). If you want to remove some items from the final list, you can use Email filter type option. Available sorting orders are: ascending, descending, randomize, reverse and no sorting. The Sort Alphabetize Organize tool also comes with options like include/exclude, change case, word mirror, add prefix/suffix, trim white space, remove whitespace, duplicate removal, search and replace etc. Sort Alphabetize Organize is an efficient too for sorting or alphabetizing a list of email IDs. But it can also be used for sorting a general list with words or numbers. Just don’t forget to set input and output item separators correctly.

Sort Alphabetize Organize

URL: http://listdicer.com/Sort_Alphabetize_Organize

9. Alphabetical Order Tool:

Another tool for sorting text in alphabetical order. It also supports ASCII sorting and reverse sorting (9-0 or Z-A). Alphabetical Order Tool supports following input/output item separators: blank space, comma, line break, semi-colon or a custom character/item. You also use this tool for removing duplicates, punctuation, brackets and even HTML codes.

Alphabetical Order Tool

URL: http://www.textfixer.com/tools/alphabetical-order.php

10. Sort Text Alphabetically:

A simple online tool which does just one job – sort text lines alphabetically. Sort Text Alphabetically supports sorting lines in alphabetical or numerical order. It has no advanced option like replace or insert words. But it is simple and easy to use. In order to use this tool, open the link on your favorite web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. When the page loads, copy & paste your list items in the left text area and press the Sort it button. The alphabetically sorted list items will appear on the right text area. If you simply want to sort a list without further editing, use this tool. Just don’t forget to use a list with new lines as separator.

Sort text alphabetically

URL: http://elmosaukko.com/sort-alphabetically/

Before concluding, I must add that this technogadge.com list of Online sorting tools is not exhaustive and there may be other similar tools. So, user suggestions or submissions are welcome. The above mentioned list sorting tools are developed to save time and increase productivity. I tried all 10 of them and I confirm they really works. So next time, be it a list of your personal items or a long list of statistical data, don’t forget to use an online tool for sorting.

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  1. lorna on 12th Apr, 14 04:04pm #

    Thanks for the tips. I have searched forever and still can’t find an online tool that includes ‘sorting by word length and then alphabetically within each word length ‘(i especially need this for my games word lists). IT seems pretty simple and I wonder why text mechanic doesn’t include it(they say to ‘presort’ a -z &that doesn’t work–unless they mean manually into 26 lists!). The only one that has it is Wordsmith and you only get to see or print or save 25 words. Let me know if you come across one. thanks

    • lisa on 31st Dec, 15 04:12am #

      lorna you can try: Text-Filter.com

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